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  • Employee Story

    Jas Ng

    Right now, I’m working on subsea assembly hydraulic control tubing processes. Our team has just accomplished a major objective - to enable our site to have the capability to bend hydraulic tubing using 3D models and a computer numerically controlled machine. Today, we have completed the first stage of the process, in which the hydraulic control tubing is being pre-bent to support production.

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  • Right Now

    A video message from CEO John Gremp

    It is a really exciting time in the energy industry.  The world’s demand for oil and gas is very strong and will continue to be so. Helping the oil and gas industry develop new sources of supply is exactly what FMC Technologies does.  Using our talent, our technology, our capabilities, and our experience, we enable the oil and gas industry to find oil where it’s never been found before.

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  • Right Now Featured Article

    From Sahara to Siberia

    As FMC Technologies’ Europe, Africa and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Regional Manager for Surface Wellhead, Graham Horn oversees a business area that stretches from the sands of the Sahara through to the Eastern-most outer reaches of the former Soviet Union.

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  • Quality Story

    David Teal - Success can be simple

    Define requirements, meet specified objectives and fulfill promises. Get your services and products right the first time, every time. That’s the mantra of David Teal, Controller of FMC Technologies’ Fluid Control business unit, in Stephenville, Texas. David is part of a team that is driving success through the Impact Quality approach.

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