Our Asker facility is home to our Well Intervention Services (WIS), Subsea Process Systems (SPS) and Production Performance Services (PPS) organizations.

The Well Intervention Services (WIS) organization was established in 2004 and is part of Subsea Services – Eastern Region. WIS owns and operates three equipment packages required to perform Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI) and one equipment package to perform Through Tubing Rotary Drilling (TTRD). These services are often referred to as increased oil recovery (IOR) services.

The Subsea Process Systems (SPS) organization is responsible for developing and supplying processing solutions and products to the global subsea market. The primary objectives of this group are to execute projects, perform studies and participate in focused research and development activities to establish a strong and comprehensive subsea product portfolio. SPS also provides flow assurance and process knowledge to field development and system engineering.

The Production Performance Services (PPS) organization is responsible for creating optimal solutions that make it possible to evaluate performance over the entire lifetime of a field. By simulating the complex dynamics of a field, decision makers can get the data needed to make qualified CAPEX/OPEX calculations and assess risk.